2 Responses to “East Of Eden (1955)”

  1. Andy says:

    I’m a little torn on this movie. I think it is James Dean’s best performance but in the weakest of his three films. As for the Dean – Brando comparison, it makes a lot of sense. Brando was THE man at that time but he had been the man for five years everyone was looking for the next big thing. Had he survived he probably would have been it. If you look at that time Brando had just played Stanley Kowalski, Johnny Strabler and Terry Malloy, his most iconic roles. Unless you count Fletcher Christian (I don’t) he didn’t get another truly iconic role until the 70’s. He remained a great actor but not the star of the moment. The void left by James Dean was filled by several people most notably Paul Newman who took the role intended for Dean in Somebody Up There Likes Me and made it his own, in turn it made him a star.

    • Heather says:

      The Brando comparison makes sense, but I think dismissing the integrity of Brando’s talents at this point was what is off putting to me. A lot of people felt and still feel that all Dean did was mimic Brando’s style anyway. I’m not one of them and think Dean would have gone on to be one of the most important actors in history (even though he still is). Nonetheless, it’s a debate that has been beat to death with insults to each actor, which isn’t fair. They were both incredibly talented and some of the most important actors of their time.