SyFy Weekly: House Of Bones (2010)

90 Minutes

Directed By: Jeffery Scott Lando

Written By: Anthony C. Ferrante and Jay Frasco

Staring: Corin Nemec, Charisma Carpenter, Rick Robinson Jr., Edrick Browne, Marcus Lyle Brown, Gregory Campo, and Kyle Russell Clements


I don’t know how it’s possible, but this was actually scarier than “The Hills Have Eyes” for me.  Laugh out loud.  Scoff even.  I don’t blame you.  I just watched the remake for the first time this week, and even though it was pretty well received I didn’t dig it at all.  So here I am prepared for something even worse than that, considering it’s a SyFy original essential horror movie, but it was campy, fun, and even at moments eerie.  This is why I watch the SyFy originals, because every once in awhile you find a gem, or even just a fun two hours to spend watching something maybe meaningless but entertaining.

The story starts with a spoof Ghost hunters.  Some ghost hunting group with a TV show are busy investigating supposed haunting’s and have acquired a medium on their reality show.  The newest investigation brings them to a house that for hundreds of years has developed a prestige for evil bad things.  No one has lived in it for years, but then again people are terrified of its reputation.

This is what watching SyFy is all about.  A movie that doesn’t take itself so seriously that you are forced to take it seriously as well.  From the first scene it’s clear there is a tongue in cheek element happening but it still remains true to a creepy mood that is actually pretty intense immediately.  I would say the first 30-40 minutes of the film actually has an interesting development of a typical plot, charismatic characters, and a slow and deliberate play on the mystery that definitely incites an eerie discomfort.  From there on it does tend to go off into the deep end a little and lose the essence of suggestion and begin to use more effects and grotesque death scenes, but it actually does it well.  Since the actors do a pretty good job and the script isn’t a tragedy, it all works in it’s own comical and cheesy way.

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