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  1. Heather says:

    Awesome Jon! I think we all loathe our own writing to some degree. Even if I’m okay with my writing I’ve learned doing podcasts that I hate my voice ten times worse. I also realized I write because I sound smarter here, and in real life I sound like I’ve probably done a few too many extracurricular in my youth that have taken their toll. And that would be correct.

    I like that you’re a nomad. I’ve been stuck in the same state and metropolitan area for over twenty years so I’m kind of fascinated by the fact that you enjoy moving so much.

    So glad you joined us at Movie Mobsters. You are a most excellent addition with one hell of a sense of humor.

    • I’m still shocked you let me in, but thank you!

      And I think the exact same way as you; I can articulate fine here, but when I try to talk, I sound like Rain Man crossed with Leo DiCaprio in Shutter Island. Okay not really, but in my mind. That’s why I’m so afraid of podcasting for reals.

  2. Great lists of facts, and I am completely with you on #3.

    re to Lizzie MaGuire (scary) that movie is just horrible, you should try to get your script made (or is that one you deleted?)
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    • I never wrote the full script, just a three act outline of how it would go. Looking at it now (yeah I kept it big whoop wanna fight about it?), it’s way different tonally than the show so it wouldn’t have worked regardless. A man can dream (about banging Hilary Duff) though.

      • No to Hilary Duff, I’ve never gotten her appeal. I was on always more of a Lindsay guy. Of course, they’re both washed up now.

  3. (internet high five received) You deserve it man! I appreciate the kind words as well. I find the Lizzie McGuire fact rather interesting. Have you wrote any fan fiction for any other shows? I always wanted to take a stab at it, especially for The Simpsons.
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  4. FRC Ruben says:

    I worked for Cinemark in high school before I moved to Seattle for college. To this day, I wish I still worked for a theater. I was young and stoopid and reckless….Don’t let it go Jim–you here me? Don’t. Let. It. Go.
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    • I don’t know about Jim, but I certainly am doing my best not to let it go. It’s too much fun and it keeps me in shape. Plus, I don’t have to work the Eclipse midnight (they sold out EVERY theater in the place and added 3AM shows. I love money but I love sanity and the internet more. this didn’t need to be in parenthesis).

  5. Darren says:

    I agree entirely with #7. Discussing a movie is about discussing it in its current context, the one that the readers will watch it in. You could argue that all the classic films are part of this context, but I think anyone is qualified to critique and discuss films – as long as they can articulate it (and I don’t mean big-ass fancy words, just something more than “THIS SUX!!!” or “THIS ROX!!!”).
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  6. Róisín says:

    The first sentence of no.1 made me laugh out loud in my office here at work. Oops.
    I used to watch Lizzie Maguire quite a bit too. I’m not quite sure why. It’s like when I find myself watching The Wiggles :|
    I adore Paul Giamatti, especially in American Splendor and Sideways.
    I’m also in a temporary working situation, while I decide what “real job” I can do. I much quietly working away in a job while I decide my long-term career, rather than jumping straight into something that is permanent and not right for me.

    I’ve lived in three counties in Ireland since 2008, but I’m not quite sure if I meeting the requirements for nomad :D

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