10 Responses to “Review: Scott Pilgrim VS The World (2010)”

  1. Hmmmm, a very positive review. To be honest I want Michael Cera to go away and be replaced by Paul Dano in all his movies.

  2. Fitz says:

    I find Dano to be more annoying in his non-TWBB roles than Cera.
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  3. xiphos0311 says:

    1. I’ve never played mega Man
    2. I don’t drink red bull
    3. I would beat anybody that would play cruddy electronica in my presence
    4. They made Mary Elizabeth Winstead look homely which I didn’t think possible
    5. MEW didn’t get naked which is a crim in and of itself
    6. Michael Cera 1.0 was actually very good in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.
    7. It’s floppity flopping which is making me happy.
    8. It’s screams rental MAYBE.

  4. Kwame Kilpatrick says:

    I like Cera.

    But at some point, he needs to do something out of his element.

    Unless he is comfortable rehashing the same role in every movie.

  5. Darren says:

    Seeing this movie tonight (Irish premiere) and psyched. Though I agree with those who say Cera needs some range.
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  6. FRC Ruben says:

    Energy is good. The word “labyrinthine” is better.

    Funny story about Kieran Culkin: in 2002 I was a videographer at the Seattle Int. Film Fest where the big premeir was Igby Goes Down (starring our little man Culkin). Afterwards, at the VIP party sponsored by Red Bull and Absolut, our 17 year old Culkin brother was nowhere to be found for an interview. I went up the stairs, through a crowd of douchey short film producers and into the VVIP area (we with cameras had access) to find little Kieran flanked on both sides by blond bimbos (that’s mean, they might have been nice young women — of course, I couldn’t tell because they were taking turns making out with the little guy).

    Oh, and he was pretty shnockered.
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  7. Kieran Culkin and Brandon Routh stole the show each time they appeared, as did the cameos. I wasn’t a fan of the last ten or so minutes, the ending felt like it got dragged out, which is weird since the rest of the movie was so rapid fire.

    Definitely an A movie. Inception is better movie-wise, but I’ll probably buy and re-watch Scott Pilgrim many times as opposed to just watching Inception again maybe once.

  8. James Ewing says:

    I really loved this film, one of my favorites of the year. Sure, Cera isn’t branching out much in this role, but he fits it well and is backed up by a stellar cast of supporting actors, may of which I was surprised to see in this film and even more surprised when they gave an unforgettable performance.
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    • Jim says:

      This film is the best of the summer. I can’t fault Cera for doing what he does well.

  9. Mike says:

    This movie was decent but not great.

    It was really boring until Brandon Routh appeared which made everything awesome. Routh made it totally worth it.

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