2 Responses to “Opening This Weekend – DUE DATE, MEGAMIND, FOR COLORED GIRLS”

  1. Castor says:

    Really looking forward to 127 Hours which will be released November 12 in my area. I’m thinking of giving Due Date a shot this weekend.
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  2. Andrew says:

    Four Lions is one I’ve been hoping to see for a while. I’m pissed that I missed the chance to see its director with Devin Faraci at the awesome Brattle Theater here in Bean-Town but I’d just settle for being able to see the picture.

    Outside of that and 127 Hours, I don’t much care for this weekend’s releases. I had hopes for Mega Mind but the TV spots have knocked the taste out of my mouth on that one and the Comic Con trailer kind of ruins the entire movie. I also don’t think the world needs another Tyler Perry movie.
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