6 Responses to “Review: Take Me Home Tonight (2011)”

  1. Ripley says:

    I am not willing to test my Dan Fogler endurance, even with your praise. I just…can’t…
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  2. Better score than I’d have guessed, definitely intrigued now (although probably won’t be hitting the UK until next).

    Can’t believe Eddie Money has finally made it big with a film being made based on one of his tunes!!!

  3. Anonimo says:

    I’m still not convince if I should watch it or not. And the rank on imdb is kind of low.

    • eddie says:

      you, should its pretty funny

  4. eddie says:

    what exact glasses dose topher grace have in the movie, and what color is the lense

  5. Christopher says:

    This movie is solid and makes you feel good. Some scenes are like an MTV video, but that is what draws you in and puts you in the movie. Definitely can beat Say Anything and the Wedding Singer. This should be a five star.