5 Responses to “Blade Runner (1982)”

  1. hagiblog says:

    This is my absolute favorite movie. Still to this day the effects surpass those of current films and they were all done with miniatures. But the age old question – Deckard – replicant or not?

  2. Heather says:

    I love that it’s so ambiguous. I’d say Deckard, not a replicant, but the implications certainly are there.

    The special effects were insane, and some directors are spart enough to still use minatures. Peter Jackson did in Lord Of The Rings, and that is some of the most astounding special effects ever on film. Sometimes if it isn’t broke, we really need not fix it. :)

  3. hagiblog says:

    Interesting, I’ve always felt that he was. The signs are there for sure, but it wasn’t until seeing the film when I was older that I got it. I purchased the ultimate collectors edition and spent hours watching all the different cuts of the film along with the documentaries and special features. If you haven’t seen the doc, Dangerous Days, I suggest checking it out. It’s over 3 hours long and totally worth it for anyone who’s a big fan.

  4. moviejunkie says:

    Some of your pictures aren’t here, but I’m loving the NEW website. It is amazing. There is so much to look at and interact with!

    Blade Runner is probably in my top ten movies of all time. Excellent review.

    • Jim says:

      That is something we are working on moviejunkie. Unfortunately, when we change templates sometimes things go a bit haywire. We appreciate your feedback.

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