6 Responses to “Terminator: Salvation (2009)”

  1. hagiblog says:

    Glad to hear this one stands up to the others. I’m still deciding if I should see it or not today, my back is killing me and I’m not sure a trip to the theater will help. But it sounds sooooo good! HAHA!

  2. brad says:

    I felt like this was the Alien Resurrection to the series. sure, it had some bad parts, but it was a totally different point of view that the other movies, and it’s entertainment actually compensated for the weaker plot. of course this didn’t end with a makeout session between creepy aliens and maternal instincts, but the sexy look bale gave the terminator at the end was close. pretty good movie though.

  3. Trekkerbud says:

    I totaly agree with you, way better than terminator 3, but not reaching the level of 1 or 2. I wish they hadn’t killed Sam Worthington’s character, he would have been interesting to keep around and I thought it could have used a bit more humor. Still all in all, a good summer flick
    Oh and not to nitpick but you said “…Terminator was the first to use this as a full fledged plot point in motion pictures,”. I don’t think it was the first. What about the ‘Planet of the Apes’ movies, especially ‘Escape from the Planet of the Apes’?

  4. Heather says:

    Fair enough, fair enough. Hahaha……….I will revise by saying “one of the first”! :)

  5. karan says:

    any day better than TERMINATOR 3

  6. CMrok93 says:

    The film didn’t have the heart, nor the story or excitement that the original’s did. I just wished they did more, instead of just being a typical sci-fi action thriller. Check out my review when you can!