16 Responses to “Most Underrated Actresses In Film”

  1. hagiblog says:

    I didn’t realize that Terminator had been cancelled. I thought that show was getting such great reviews. Shows how much I pay attention. I don’t really think that Sigourney Weaver is underrated though, maybe that’s because I love her as Ripley so much!

  2. athena27 says:

    I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christina Ricci. I can’t stand any of Gellar’s movies unfortunately, even though she usually is ok in them. I just don’t have the stomach for cheezy horror movies. I’d like to see her in a drama instead.

  3. Daniel says:

    WOW ! You are dead-on in your assessment of these talented ladies. One of my favorite actresses of all-time is Christina Ricci.

    Despite being in many (I’d say good) horror films, Gellar always manages to shine.

  4. Jessa says:

    This list is pretty much perfect. I love christina ricci and sarah michelle gellar, but I just adore helena bonham carter…..I thought she was amazing in sweeny todd, definetly does not get the credit she deserves thats for sure.

  5. george says:

    Kate Beckinsale is just plain annoying….otherwise good list

  6. Heather says:

    Thanks guys!

    I think it was actually easier to do the women’s list than the mens. At this years Academy Awards I noticed that it was pretty much the same group of women that get star billing every year and noticed by the Academy, critics, and people alike. I thought about all the women who do great work and aren’t acknowledged for it. Some of these have been in bad movies and some in great movies, but all have one thing in common:


  7. LT says:

    I would add “THe House of Mirth” and “Bleak House” to Gillian’s resume. She is a fabulous actress and is currently getting rave reviews for her role as Nora in “A Doll’s House.” Critics finally began to see the light. Now it’s the myopic, incompetent film studio execs’ turn.

  8. The Lizard King says:

    Nice to see Christina Ricci on here, but of course you knew that would make me happy. At the same time, I’m a little bummed to not see Naomi Watts here. She does mainstream (King Kong, The Ring) every bit as well as indie (Mulholland Drive, Funny Games). It’s an absolute crime that she has only one Academy nom to her name (21 Grams), but we all know the Academys has nothing to do with merit. I always though Madeline Stowe was on the verge of a breakout that just never quite worked out for whatever reason, may it be poor film choices, or burning the wrong bridges, but I always thought she was more talented than she was famous. Not too shabby a list.

  9. mcarteratthemovies says:

    Way to give a shout-out to Toni — “Muriel’s Wedding” is a longtime favorite. She was so good in “In Her Shoes” that I’m still pissed she wasn’t on the promo poster. Christina Ricci is another good choice because she has done some very interesting movies, like “Penelope” and “The Opposite of Sex.”

  10. Clarabela says:

    I agree with you on your choices, especially Christina Ricci. I recently watched Penelope and she was wonderful. I also love Helena Bonham-Carter. She can go from A Room With A View to Sweeney Todd. And the wonderful Michelle Yeoh. I am a big fan of her work in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as well her other action movies.

  11. following this blog, good stuff!

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  13. Alexa Leigh says:



  14. paper says:

    I totally agree for Toni Colette, very underrated. She can play a very large range of emotion and roles really well: the dork girl, the strong mum, the serious lawyer, the depressive, the girly friend…..I would love to see her play a psychopath.
    Definitely a Fan.

    Ps: Gillian Anderson and Sarah Michel Gellar?????….pleaaaase!
    you can replace them by Hillary Swank and Chloe Sevigny

  15. Laura says:

    I feel sorry for Madeleine Stowe. She is such a gorgeous and beautifull actress…she has gotten the wrong colleagues for the movies she has done..

  16. hugizz says:

    I think you are totally right , these actrecess are amazing , is just that nobody has never given then the oportunity to shine and to show their abilities , to my point of view Sarah Michelle Gellar is the most underrated actress of all , i mean she has done amazing performances and nobody has turned to see her , for example she did a powerfull , sexy and twited performance on Cruel Intentions but nobody took that performance seriously because it came from a teen drama movie and that is unfair , besides she has been trying to get an oportunity , and they have given her but those films dont get the enought attenttion like to make her a serios actress for exaple The Air I Breathe where she gave her soul playing Trista and what happened ?…. nothing , i have seen her new moie Veronika decides to die and i can honestly tell you that i had never seen a performance as shinning as the Sarah´s performance on that film , i hope she finally get the attenttion she had been looking for

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