3 Responses to “Throwback Tuesday: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)”

  1. moviemjunkie says:

    This is one of my least favorite Hitchcock movies. The pacing was too slow, and usually I like the drawn out drama but it was a bit forced, though I did love the duo of Stewart and Day. I wish they would have done more work together.

  2. Jim says:

    I happen to love this Hitchcock film. I will have to review it as well and post my version! I think that Stewart and Hitchcock make a great movie. Doris Day is also a wonderful leading lady.

  3. howard says:

    I love this film. I didn’t find it to be slow at all … in fact, for me, it just zoomed by. The performances (Day and Stewart) were top-notch, and that final scene at Albert Hall, to me, is one of the most suspenseful scenes in movie history. Beautifully drawn out … no dialogue required…. masterful!