3 Responses to “Up (2009)”

  1. I get so many evil looks when I share my opinion on this movie, but I honestly think that Pixar got something seriously wrong here. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely adored this movie. It had wonderful visual effects and a really moving story. But I think what they really wanted to do was make a film for adults but felt that somehow they couldn’t or wouldn’t make as much money. So instead, they made an adult movie and marketed it for children. Up is a great movie, but I wouldn’t take any kids under the age of 12 to see it. I’m not a child psych expert, but I know from being forced to read Dandelion Wine at age 11 that kids don’t understand nostalgia. If I had seen this as a child, I would have been so incredibly bored for the first half hour. It’s a beautiful film, but I don’t think it was marketed well. I’m sorry, but this is something that really bothered me when I saw it (so much that I wrote about it in two posts):



    Feel free to debate. I’d love to have a discussion. Peace!

  2. Cello says:

    this movie was awesome and it was my first pixar movie i bought on blu-ray. WELL worth the money and I can see myself watching this over and over again. Great review!

  3. Heather says:

    Movie Mistress,

    I very likely may have agreed with you about the kids perspective if I had not watched it with each of mine. Surprisingly it was an hour past their bedtime, and my four year old almost NEVER has the attention span to sit through an entire movie, but he did. Both boys loved it, but they saw a very different movie than I did, which I suppose is the beauty of Pixar flicks. Either way, I’ll be sure to check your links out and see why you feel so strongly in opposition! :)


    I’d love to see the animation on Blu-Ray! It’s a movie I actually think I may have enjoyed in 3D, just for all the KEVIN moments alone! Ha. Great movie