2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Conan The Barbarian”

  1. Steve says:

    While I have no love for the incessant preoccupation with remaking things, and while I will stipulate that Conan the Barbarian is a classic film worthy of its place in the canon, the world that Conan occupies is a richly developed one with many stories and a loyal readership, offering many different stories involving everybody’s favourite barbarian without having to retell the ones we already know. Not only that, but we were promised a Conan the King movie a long freakin’ time ago, and it’s high time someone tried delivering on that promise.

    I’m not entirely sold on this Momoa guy, but some progress forward is better than none.

  2. SciFiDrive says:

    I am going to miss the Austrian accent though if they make the Hyborian age anything as good as Pandora (with similiar acting performance) then its worth a remake and a ticket.

    Just don’t make another Red Sonja.

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