16 Responses to “Top Ten Revenge Movies”

  1. Andy says:

    Great list. I haven’t seen Revenge Of The Nerds but all the others are good choices. You even included my favourite film of recent years Oldboy. I would promote Straw Dogs from the HM’s list to the main article. If you’re going to mention Payback you have to include the original movie Point Blank. Here are a few more for your consideration:

    Dead Man’s Shoes
    Once upon a Time in the West
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Get Carter

  2. Cello says:

    OLLLDDDBOOOYYYYYY this list puts a smile on my face, great job. Most people overlook Gladiator as a revenge flick, glad you spotted it!

  3. Red says:

    Nice list! Love the inclusion of “The Crow”. One of my top 10 favorite movies of all-time. Absolutely breaks my heart that they are filming a “reboot of the series” right now.

  4. Castor says:

    Pumped the article up on Reddit ;)

  5. I second Ben Hur (I was so expecting Kill Bill to top the list).

  6. Mike says:

    This list is horrible!!!!!!!!!

    -Revenge of the Nerds??? Are you serious????????!
    -The Crow? Some of the worst acting ever caught on film! This movie is for kids only.
    -Mad Max? This movie is boring. Road Warrior (Mad Max part 2) is 20 times better.
    -Gladiator? It’s very hard to endure someone with as little personality as Russel Crowe. This guy makes Swarzeneggar look like Robert Deniro. Intersperse some extreme gore and violence and you got yourelf a box office. One of the best revenge movies of all time? Are you smoking crack?????
    -Kill Jill – dude putting this on your list certifies that your taste in movies is lame. I don’t know how anyone could stomach this crap. You could have put just about any revenge movie on here (except for maybe Revenge of the Nerds…) and I would have had more respect for your list.

    • Heather says:

      Well…………..everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just glad mine is better. :)

  7. CMrok93 says:

    OIdboy in my opinion is one of the best of all-time although I respect your number 1, just not beating Oldboy. One reason, is because you just feel like this guy has been through so much that how could you possibly not want these bastards to pay. Thats just how I’d feel if they took their life away from me. Rather than that, Good List!

    • Heather says:

      Oldboy is one of the most twisted movies I’ve ever seen. I can’t speak highly enough about it. I just gotta give Khan his props, because he’s a bad mutha fucka. Yeah.

  8. samantha says:

    I spit on your grave
    red / semi revenge excellent movie
    death sentence
    death wish
    the brave one

    Why are these not on the list

  9. Sumiko Lippa says:

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  10. kqrock says:

    Great list!
    Everyones entitled to their own opinion but these are great revenge films.but there are a lot of good revenge films.Someone mentioned I spit on your grave..so nice they made it twice!hahahahaa brave one is also good carrie rules!man on fire makes me cry every time but its not really revenge ..he s her bodyguard..ahahhahabut still awesome..that soundtrack and the gladiator one make me cry on their own now cause the movies are so goood.
    here are the ones i thought of..sleepers was good as well..

    bullet(1996 tupac/mickey rourke)
    Quick and the dead
    revenge of the ninja
    se7en that brad pitt one
    the departed? kinda revenge like..
    mystic river..
    a man apart..vin diesel..

  11. Sam says:

    Quite a good list but i expected Sweeney Todd and Carrie to be on this list, I have no respect for your number one though.

  12. chucus says:

    What a film really you all need to watch this.

    Richard returns home from military service to a small town in the Midlands. He has one thing on his mind: revenge. Payback for the local bullies who did some very bad things to his brother. At first his campaign employs guerrilla tactics, designed to frighten the men and put them ill at ease. But then he steps up his operation, and one by one these local tough guys are picked off by the terrifying angel of vengeance that Richard has become.

  13. woliyy says:

    you put a great top ten revenge movies list.. but i cant find “Taken (96 hours)” in it!! Why??

  14. Sam says:

    You forgot to mention ‘I spit on your grave’