6 Responses to ““Get Him to the Greek” Trailer (Red-Band)”

  1. Steve says:

    The redband trailer offers very little more than what was in the original, other than a couple swear words. I think whoever cut it in the first place really liked the structure, instead of coming up with something ambitious. The movie’s got big potential, but it all hinges on how much Russel Brand people can stomach. Me? Not much.

  2. moviejunkie says:

    I can’t stand Russell Brand and therefore don’t think I could take this movie. I also haven’t found myself enjoying any leading Jonah Hill roles aside from Superbad. Some actors weren’t meant to be leading men, and if either of these two were it certainly had nothing to do with the fact that this gimmicky type characters they play are the ones we want to see. Will Ferrell has fallen prey to the same nonsensical choices. Aside from Stranger Than Fiction he’s never bothered to expand his possibilities as a lead actor which is why his career is failing.


    ~Movie Junkie

    • I feel like Farrell doesn’t try for the same reasons The Wayans Brothers keep making “comedies”: people will pay to see it. Farrell has tried before (the Woody Allen movie I can’t exactly remember at this present moment), but the goofy mode has worked for him for so long, it’s like he feels he needs to keep doing it. With the failure of Land of the Lost though, I’m hoping he goes into different genres. He has the Jim Carrey potential.

  3. Heather says:

    I also can only stomach Russell Brand in small doses. Giving him his own movie is just as nonsensical as giving Tracy Morgan his own movie.

  4. Branden says:

    I didn’t see the green band trailer. I saw the red band this morning. I didn’t laugh once at it. That is a tell-tell sign that the movie is gonna suck.

  5. Definitely seems promising I feel for a summer comedy. I’ll definitely check it out in June.

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