6 Responses to “Groovers and Mobsters Present: The James Bond Flix List”

  1. Joel Burman says:

    I love the Licence to Kill song but I have noticed that a lot of people hate it.

  2. Dan says:

    Eva Green has got to be the most seductive of the Bond girls. Nice to see Carole Bouquet too – she doesn’t get talked about as much.

    My Bond villains would be quite different though. I’ve always thought Drax lacked menace – too cartoonish for me – a but like Moonraker actually. But the list is original so that’s nice to see. :)
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  3. Marc says:

    Still very very partial to Goldeneye’s theme song so get ready, here comes my list:P

    Bond Songs:

    5. View to a Kill (come on it’s Duran Duran…that’s WIN all day long imo)
    4. License to Kill (“and you know I’m going straight for your heart”)
    3. Goldfinger (set the tone for future films but I still don’t like its spoilers)
    2. Goldeneye (The world needs more Tina Turner me thinks)
    1. Casino Royale (voted by me to be the best song AND best sequence even if it lacked nudity:P)