7 Responses to “Review: The Fighter (2010)”

  1. Karl says:

    Cant wait to see it. Even if youre not a fan of Mark Wahlbergs acting, there is one thing that should be noted and thats that he has made this movie his life for almost 5 years. I watched a special on 60 minutes about it and it tells how he wrote the story, re-wrote it, shopped it all over until he got the go ahead on a story that ment so much to him being a boston kid. he turned his home gym into a full fledge boxing ring and training center and trained with the real brothers from the story. As for Chistian Bale…clap clap clap, that man is an INCREDIBLE actor, the way he gets into the character is stunning and shocking, he looks like he did when he made The Machinest. I’ll be shocked by an Oscar skip this year.

    • I try not to let the effort dictate my like or dislike of a movie. It’s got to stand on its own merits, regardless of budget and how much time someone puts into it.

      That being said, The Fighter is still all sorts of kick ass. I doubt he’ll get skipped; at the very least, the guy has the Best Supporting Actor nom in the palm of his hand. I just hope the Academy has the balls to actually GIVE it to him.
      Jonathan Sullivan recently posted..Review- The Fighter 2010

  2. Castor says:

    Loved it as well. I’m glad that it wasn’t so much about boxing and more about his relationship with his family. It made for a slight but important twist to the whole boxing movie genre. Completely agree with Wahlberg, it wasn’t a flashy role and hence he won’t get any recognition but he was the glue that held all the characters together.
    Castor recently posted..

    • It gives me hope that Wahlberg does have chops. I really have never seen anything in him, but here…I don’t know. It clicked for me. Makes me want to revisit the rest of his work…well SOME of it.
      Jonathan Sullivan recently posted..Review- The Fighter 2010

  3. CMrok93 says:

    Never since the good old days has a film felt, look, and sounded so much like real life. Loved it basically from start to finish. Great Review!!
    CMrok93 recently posted..The Fighter 2010

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  5. Kaiderman says:

    I thought The Fighter was Rocky-lite for boxing. Cinderella Man-lite for melodrama. But overall a great movie. Definately agreed that some awards will be won for it, in particular, for Bale. Not only is the character he did good but it’s spot on for the guy he played.
    Kaiderman recently posted..MILFcast aka- the Man- I Love Films podcast – Episode 14

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