6 Responses to “Review: The Roommate (2011)”

  1. Josh says:

    This does look pretty stupid, though with some promise of what could have been. I hate when they make movies like this PG-13 just so they can bring the kids in, when it would’ve been so much better if they just rated it R and went balls out.

  2. I hope someone paid you to sit through this one man! I’m sure it captured the tween market since it actually made some money. Couldn’t they just call it Single White Female and actually have a remake instead of trying to pass this one of as original?
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    • No one paid me to do it, I went on my own accord. If I want to pretend to be a film critic, I have to watch everything I can. That was a New Year’s Resolution…that I have barely stuck to. I don’t know why this was the exception, but it was. Luckily I work at a movie theater so I don’t pay to see anything, and didn’t waste any money.

      I keep hearing the SINGLE WHITE FEMALE comparison, but I’ve never seen it so I’m going to take your word for it. And it did capture the tween market: the WHITE teen market. There are no people of color to be found in this movie and since it’s Los Angeles, that’s a little hard to take.

  3. Dan says:

    Good review Jonathan. This was just same old stuff, different day – it’s been done before, and done a lot better.
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  4. jeniver says:

    nice article, makes me know the story on the film The Roommate

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  5. The Roommate’ is kind of a ‘Single White Female’ in a college setting. And it’s not rated R, but PG-13, so the young woman demographic can enjoy getting scared. -Mary Nayman