2 Responses to “Review: Footloose (2011)”

  1. First of all this 2011 movie is made for our generation, if it wasnt for this remake we wouldnt have known what “footloose” was. Im pretty sure that when you watched this movie in the 80′s you were on your 20′s as well so just let us watch OUR GENERATION’S current movie and stop disliking it just because it not the 80′s. Its a great movie, great cast great remake and first of all great acting.

  2. Xiphos says:

    The main problem with you’re argument Ricky is that Footloose isn’t “your” worthless lazy good for nothing generations movie. It’s a an exact clone of the original with worse actors. I will grant that the tramp from that TV dancing show has a nice dumper. More bad news champ your generation Footlose is the bowel loosing crap fest Step Up, Congrats on living down to that one. Even more bad news tiger the guy who wrote this article was still wearing underoos when the original came out.

    Like real life you have failed at the internet.