7 Responses to “Review: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)”

  1. Xiphos says:

    Oh man I was with about this flick until you brought in The Last Exorcism which was a good movie until its awful awful ending which ruined all the good will it worked up. Man i hated the how that movie ended.

    • Bartleby says:


      No, the ending only reminded me thematically of Last Exorcism, not in the way it hamstrung the movie.

      I still think if you turn that flick off as they are leaving the town in LE, before they go back to the restaurant or whatever, you have a darn fine movie.

      This one is never that ambitious. It’s just a fun little scare flick. I like the way they use those similar elements in this movie, and it makes more sense, becuase the film isn’t trying to be a thoughtful story as LE was.

      It’s cheap all the way through, but I’m not going to begrudge a cheap thrill ride if it actually thrills me.

    • TheVern says:

      I agree. That ending felt like it belonged in another movie. So disapointed, but the acting is so good I still recomend it.

    • xiphos says:

      Bart i can’t begin to quantify just how much the ending of LE made me angry. I was down with the flick and enjoying very much what was an original take on a staid concept. It had good writing and acting and out of nowhere the most cliched 5 minutes of an ending I have ever seen kicked me right in the gut with it rancid bone headiness. It made me want to go to Hwood find the writers and director and hurt them very badly.

      • Bartleby says:

        I agree. It was totally unecessary. I’m assuming that explains Eli Roth’s name on the project. Afterall, the first 80 minutes or so are completely unlike him, and that bit at the end is totally his cheap-ass style.

        I guess I have a hard time throwing away all that good, especially since there’s more or less a real ending there. They didnt screen LE for critics, so I recall my wife and I going to see it while on vacation at the beach and getting ready for something stupid when this very interesting exploration of faith, superstition and charlatanism began and surprised us. And then, after a very good ride, it flaked out on us.

        The ending crunches the themes and the effort of the film up to that point.

        I think I could have handled that twist and direction if it had come earlier in the picture and had been more plausibly handled, and allowed Fabian’s character to have a real ‘awakening’ moment where he adjusted to fight the meance as supernatural. Yes, it would have been a different movie, but it wouldnt have felt so cheap.

        I’ve noticed most modern horror movies love to have villains and victims, but supernatural flicks never get good heroes. Maybe that’s why the Exorcist, with it’s struggling but heroic priests, who eventually kick ass for the Lord, seems almost revolutionary when compared to the pathetic cast of horror fodder weaklings we get these days.

        In my mind, and when I’ve rewatched it, there is no five minute conclusion to LE. It ends with them leaving the town–and I wanted to see a coda putting a cap on Fabian’s struggles with his faith and the farce of exorcism. Not digital monsters and stupid covens.

  2. Seth says:

    The thing that puts me off this movie more and more, is the fact that the quote on the trailer says “the last 15 minutes will mess you up for LIFE”.
    Just a bit too much hyperbole for my taste
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    • Bartleby says:

      just ignore the marketing. It’s not exactly accurate.

      Afterall, I see those reaction shots on tv. They didnt include the one in our theater where a lady squealed ‘Oh no!I’ve crapped my pants!’ and ran out.

      The movie is decently fun once, but I wouldn’t watch it again.