25 Responses to “Top 10 Pixar Scenes to Make you Cry”

  1. Heather says:

    I’m in total agreement on number one. Woody saying goodbye would definitely be my number two. The second I saw this posted though I immediately took note of how heartfelt Pixar really is amidst the comedy, something I remember about old Disney. Really great list Seth!

  2. ThereWolf says:

    You big baby, Seth!

    I’ve only seen ‘Monsters Inc’ so I’m completely unqualified to comment on this. I still haven’t recovered from ‘Bambi’. Nice work all the same.

    Hold on to what you have. Don’t let go.

  3. Col. Tigh-Fighter says:

    Ahh my sort of list.

    Although I might have put number 10 at number 1. I think that scene is one of the best scenes I have seen in any film, animated or otherwise.

    And the end of TS3, holding hands by the incinerator…….. *sobs thinking about it*

  4. Xiphos says:

    Did you cry while writing this up?

    I would comment but the only one of these i’ve seen is The Incredibles. These cartoon movies bore me to tears fast. Good write up though.

  5. Peggy Stum says:

    Great list. I bawl every time I see TS2 at the part when that song plays! Stupid Sarah MacClachlan!! Up too…in fact I think all of these…but I cry at everything : )

  6. Bartleby says:

    Great list Seth. I think you have nailed most of the big moments as far as emotional scenes go. The Up sequence is a masterpiece and the kind of thing that just undoes me everytime I see it.

    I think that desire to strike some kind of human chord in their movies has infected and changed the entire kid’s animated genre though. Dreamworks has started upping their game, to the point that even something like Puss in Boots leans on some element of familial poignancy that the Shrek films never had. And smaller films like Despicable Me would never work at all if they didn’t borrow from that Pixar playbook. They have a lot to be proud of.

    That might be one of the many reasons I was so disappointed with Cars 2. There wasn’t anything at all in that film that was really emotional or character driven. Im not saying that these films need to make me sob each time out, but C2 seemed happy to just play as the whiz-bang cash-in we all figured it would be.

    • Seth says:

      When I look back at the kids movies when I was growing up, i was blessed to have such a great time frame like ET, Goonies, Neverending Story, ect. But there was also a lot of cash in crap towards the end of the 80′s and early 90′s. I just enjoy seeing a studio who’s concern is more about making a better story than making a ton of money.
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      • Bartleby says:

        You know, this year in particular has produced a surprising amount of good kids and family films,some that are every bit as good as those classics from our childhood. Rango, Hugo, The Muppets, Real Steel, Super 8, Tintin, etc. It may have faltered in other ways, but when it comes to family entertainment, 2011 has been aces.

  7. I would have probably had Toy Story 3 at number 2 in this list, but I can’t argue with Up at number 1. That was such a beautiful scene
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  8. Claire says:

    these are all great ones! especially toy story!!
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