5 Responses to “Movie Review: Aswang”

  1. Xiphos says:

    ASSWANG! Ok got that out of the way. First deployment to the PI there was a sketchy “women of power” in the next village over. I don’t think she was a vampire but some of the locals sure did. Not sure what that has to do with anything.

    • Seth says:

      It’s odd how much of those superstitions still play such a part in certain cultures. I just love the idea of a creature that is so undefined, and yet has such specific messages of stopping it
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  2. Bartleby says:

    The movie can’t possibly be as entertaining as your review of it. Your artist’s rendition in particular is hilarious.

    It’s a shame that someone going out for an insane horror comedy couldn’t have gotten ahold of this concept.

    I guess the great Aswang movie has yet to be made..

    Good job Seth.

  3. Thomas says:

    The film might suck but this review is Golden. Your drawings and the conversation about “irritating the Aswang” were hilarious.