5 Responses to “Spider-Man (2002)”

  1. Mark T. Market says:

    Check out Batman and his opponents and what kind of personality disorders they are likely to have.

  2. Pandora says:

    Like I said, Spider-Man is not gangster.

  3. hagiblog says:

    I gotta disagree and say that Tobey Maquire, as much as I dislike him, played the perfect Peter Parker. That’s what was so great about Spider-man when he first began, he was young, nerdy, small and not really ready to be a super hero. Willem Dafoe plays a great villain but it’s sad they strayed so far from the Green Goblins comic look. Don’t get me started on Kirsten Dunst, she destroys my fanboy fantasy of Mary Jane and by the third movie she didn’t even seem to give a crap that she was in them.

    As much as I like this one, the second one is far superior and the third one is a giant piece of garbage. Let’s hope that Sam Raimi has what it takes to pull off another horror flick and stay clear of ruining my favorite hero again.

  4. Heather says:

    Well……in fairness…….most people have described Toby as a great Peter Parker at this point in his life, so I may be the one wrong about my interpretation, but I still didn’t like him.

    However, I’m willing to give Spider-Man 2 a go if the general consensus was that it was better than 1.

  5. YAYO MIMO says:

    SPIDEY SUCKS and i think kirsten looks like a jackolantern shes an uggo