5 Responses to “Garfield (2004)”

  1. jessafrickenb says:

    horrrrible movie I didnt like this one bit!!

  2. Trapped in Philly says:

    This movie deserves negative stars. I can normally enjoy almost any movie, if I put myself in the right frame of mind when watching. This was horrific. The only way I would watch this movie if there was a super special DVD release where JLH shows her best assets for a full minute stretch at some random point in the movie.

  3. Heather says:


  4. Heather says:

    Hey Trapped,

    I agree it was tragic. I only stomached out the one star because the kids liked it so much. When I had first bought it the kids watched it over and over again, and after awhile hearing it made me so annoyed I hid the DVD for a spell. I promptly returned it after my sanity had returned, but that was difficult.

  5. Evil Ted says:

    Hated this movie.

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