5 Responses to “The House Bunny (2008)”

  1. michiganisamazing says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. But I did have low expectations. Anna Farris is frickin’ awesome! It’s nice to see a woman you isn’t afraid to be funny and do physical humor…plus look hot!

  2. moviefan101 says:

    I don’t always have tolerance for films in this category, but I found House Bunny hilarious even in spite of it’s stupidity.

    The above poster is right, Anna Faris’s physical comedy was hilarious. She was worth the watch by herself.

  3. moviejunkie says:

    This movie was awful, horrendous, and a repetitive cliche of many other movies that have come before it, simply dressed up it the mask of a playboy mansion rather then some other typical facade. These movies exploit women and insult the general public’s intelligence.

  4. brad says:

    i hate house bunny. even anna ferris was ugly in it. way too much plastic surgery, but at least she got a nice boob job.

  5. amina says:

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