5 Responses to “Jurassic Park (1993)”

  1. hagiblog says:

    This is a great movie from all standpoints and it was, and still is, one of the best examples of effects work. My girlfriend loves this movie so much that I’m surprised she hasn’t made me watch it 100 times yet! HAHA!

  2. Trapped in Philly says:

    This movie is locked in my all time top ten. I probably saw it 20 times in theater, including one day where we bought a ticket for a noon show and watched it 5 times straight.

    Malcolm and John Hammond are two of my favorite characters of all time.

  3. Cello says:

    hell yea a perfect score! I rmember being a little kid and freaking the **** out during the raptor scene in the kitchen haha. Like you said, it was the pacing that made this movie make me be at the edge of my seat.

  4. hagiblog says:

    Case in point: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I want to watch it right now.

    - The Girlfriend

  5. Heather says:

    I agree with the full on affection for this movie. I never grow tired of watching this movie. It could be on repeat for a week and I’d enjoy just as much everytime. There are few movies that have that timeless quality or level of entertainment sustainability.

    Thanks for the comments guys, it makes me happy to see some love for this movie.



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