8 Responses to “Throwback Tuesday: Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)”

  1. Caz says:

    Brilliant post Heather. Mrs Doubtfire is one of my favorite films, mainly because I have watched it sooooo many times over the years. I really do know all of the words!
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  2. Dan says:

    Oh…I haven’t seen Mrs. Doubtfire in years and I really fancy watching it after reading your review Heather. Loved it when I was younger. Now I like to think Tootsie is the Daddy of the men-impersonating-women movies but Robin Williams really is great in Doubtfire.
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  3. Castor says:

    Great review Heather and glad to see you are still around ah! I absolutely, absolutely love Mrs. Doubtfire. I must have seen it 50 times (most recently, just a couple weeks ago). Just as you stated, a great comedy with a big heart and plenty of laughs!
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  4. Fitz says:

    Love this movie, it is one of my childhood favorites and still fun to watch to this day.
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  5. That moment where Sally Field finds out Mrs. Doubtfire’s true identity always makes me laugh uncontrollably. This used to be a staple in my house during the late 90s.

  6. says:

    Yep, you just gotta love Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s just one of those feel-good movies, isn’t it? The only thing I don’t like about it is Brosnan. It’s not about his unlikeable character, it’s just because I don’t like Brosnan full stop. Apart from that though, it has a lot to recommend it:)

  7. lol says:

    LOL WTH?

  8. sundryandco says:

    This is definitely one of those films that has plenty of heart in its plot, combined with a classic Williams’s performance. I wonder if they’ll ever make another run of similar films with William’s in the lead role. There was a sincerity mixed in with the wit in Mrs Doubtfire that made it quite compelling to watch!