3 Responses to “Pandorum (2009)”

  1. Glad to hear a good review on this one. Most of the stuff I’ve been reading about it hasn’t sounded too good. I’m heading out to see this and Surrogates tomorrow, figured that a day away from the kids is one that should be spent in the theater!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow. It was really that good? I’m a Sci-Fi junkie and the trailer looked less than thrilling. Well, Jim, you’ve managed to change my mind a bit. I’m certainly intrigued.

    Look and you and Will at the theatre like crazy lately. I’m failing at this. Hopefully next weekend life shall return to it’s norm. :)

  3. brad says:

    you should see it then heather, because i thought it was bad ass. i disagree though, cuz i thought the trailers were pretty sweet. i ended up seeing this instead of the informant. i like denis quaid too. he is pretty reliable in any movie.