4 Responses to “The Notorious Newman Brothers (2009)”

  1. See, I didn’t like Max and found the brothers to be more interesting. It’s a good effort though and I’d like to see Confusions of an Unmarried Couple which was written and directed by Brett and Jason Butler. I saw some reviews that had said it was better the the Newman Brothers.

    I can see they have the comedy in them and I’d like to see some more of it.

  2. Paulie & Thunderclap Newman says:

    Check out the trailers before we bust your kneecaps! Do it!

  3. Heather says:

    I thought it was funny reading your review and seeing what you liked was on the lesser end for me and on the better end for you. Comedy is so difficult and so incredibly subjective. What I was surprised in was my adamant dislike for parody’s and still liking this movie. It’s satire was spot on though, and I agree the brothers have a lot of potential. I’d be interested in seeing that flick if it’s rumored to be better than this as well.

  4. Branden says:

    I’m sorry, Heather. I agree with “Film Reel” on this one. I was digging the brothers more than Max. Max was screeching and whining. He got on my nerves. The video store scene was genius.

    The ending was a big WTF for me. I liked it. It’s not the best movie ever, but worth your time.