3 Responses to “Beetlejuice (1988)”

  1. Branden says:

    I loved this movie with it’s camp factor. That table scene with the shrimp cocktail. Genius. Michael Keaton was great.

    Did you know that Tim Burton’s first choice for Bettlejuice was Sammy Davis, Jr? Crazy!

    The movie came out in ’88. It was before Batman.

  2. This movie is genius. Then again, I also think Michael Keaton is a genius, and his brand of acting isn’t something you see much of anymore. Maniacal, dark, and creepily hilarious, I can be both terrified by this movie and laughing my ass off. Sometimes at the same time. That’s not something easily done, and I give total props to Tim Burton for that talent.

    The Movie Mistress

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks Branden. I have no idea why I initially labeled this 1995 but thank you for pointing it out. and NO! I had no idea Sammy Davis Jr. was considered. Just as strange as Marilyn Manson as Willy Wonka.

    Thanks for your comments Movie Mistress, you explained why this film and Keaton are so amazing brilliantly.

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