10 Responses to “Top Ten Scariest Movies Of All Time – Jim’s Picks”

  1. brad says:

    the thing is the scariest movie ever! i love that one! whenever i see giant alaskan parkas i always think of that movie.

  2. Heather says:

    Rosemary’s Baby and Halloween were ones that hurt me not to have on my list, but I didn’t feel like any of my other choices were expendable either. I’m happy to see them on your list and even more thrilled to see you appreciated 28 Days Later enough to put it in your ONE spot.

  3. Branden says:

    For me, the scary movie I have seen is the original Nightmare on Elm Street. It still freaks me out when I see it.

  4. You put “Unbreakable” on here — I love that! It unnerved me thoroughly the first time I saw it. Something about the play between good and evil and that murder seen killed me.

    Also liked that “28 Days Later…” got such high billing. That was an underrated spooky movie that I lost much sleep over.

  5. Great films… dunno if scary is the right term though.
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  6. Kaiderman says:

    The fact that Dawn is behind 28 Days Later makes me want to take a mallot to my balls… or yours… not sure!
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  7. H-Rod says:

    I love your number one pick because it dwells so much on the human psych. I forgot we both did these last Halloween.
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  8. Heather says:

    Ooh mallets and balls. Under sadness.
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