6 Responses to “Deliverance (1972)”

  1. I’ve seen this once before and that was enough. It’s a good movie but to me it’s one of those films that everyone loves so much and I just didn’t really get into. Maybe I’m just trying to hard to be anti-establishment man! HAHA! I won’t conform!!!

    • Heather says:

      Meh. I couldn’t watch it again. It’s a thought provoking movie that does have a point beyond weird creepiness, but can’t see myself ever watching it again, or pushing the necessity of seeing it on anyone else.

      Don’t ever conform Will!

  2. Castor says:

    Great review, I just saw the movie on Spike Sunday night. I will be writing my review shortly! Quite disturbing movie that really plays on the fear of going to unknown locations

    • brad says:

      i watched it on spike too but i wish i didnt. it was boring and what was the point. whatever about violence. ill watch natural born killers for that kind of movie or kalifornia.

  3. Your film deliverance 1972 is terrible but it has some lessons

  4. Willer B. says:

    This is quite a good review of an excellent movie. A movie that is new each time watched, although it’s a good idea to allow a few years between viewings.

    The story line becomes familiar, the alarming scenes become less shocking and the nuances of the events take a different twist. One can almost view some of the confrontations as a comedy of errors with tragic outcomes.

    But then that is what makes it such a fabulous movie, it’s not cut and dried and even little actions not observed before give it a new meaning.