10 Responses to “The Overlooked: Dreamscape (1984)”

  1. Dan says:

    Quaid is excellent and the dream sequences are terrifically realised.
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  2. Fitz says:

    I thought this was going to end up a piece about Inception being a rip-off. Posts like that make me hate Paprika.
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  3. Bartleby says:

    Funny, because Dreamscape and Inception, outside the conceit of dream entry and manifested trauma, share little to nothing in common. Inception is using the dream idea to explore the form of cinema and escapism/illusion itself. Dreamscape looks more to Jung and Freud and makes its dreams not places as much as problems to be solved and overcome.

    Ironically, Paprika doesn’t share much with Inception but it is rather derivative of the primary themes and ideas at the heart of Dreamscape.

    No matter, because I personally love all three movies, and each in it’s own way.

    Dreamscape gets the nostalgia vote because I saw it when I was five and can still remember the night terrors I had as a result of the Snakeman sequence (the 1.0 version from Buddy’s dream).

    Looking at the pic above makes me laugh, thinking back on it.

  4. CMrok93 says:

    I remember seeing this crap back when I was like 5. It was soo cheesy then, but now, I don’t know now. BTW, tagged you in a new meme, check it out gurl: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/the-happy-101-award/
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  5. I often find myself wondering if Quaid’s career would have been different if he’d gotten nominated for Far From Heaven.

  6. Peter E. says:

    This is the better dream film than the one released this year, for sure. And even for one this old, I think it still holds up quite well.

  7. I love this film. I watched it as a kid, which was probably a bad idea, but its always stuck with me as a cool, trippy film. Finally getting its due.

  8. Great review, Bartleby. I need to revisit this one. I wonder if this wouldn’t be a good candidate for inevitable slate of remakes.
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  9. ThereWolf says:

    Good stuff, Bart. I’ve always loved Dreamscape, the dreams themselves being some of the best I’ve seen realised in films. And Kate Capshaw is rather eye-catching. It’s funny at the start, when Quaid is being chased and you hear that old woman say to the kid, “It’s not safe in an ‘effing’ toilet anymore…” Cracks me up every time.

    With Inception, it’s not meant to present dreams as we regularly experience them. They control them, like lucid dreaming and the whole point of the exercise is making the dream be as real as possible. That is stated. I had a dream 3 nights ago, set in a warehouse and there was nothing weird about it – it stayed a warehouse. Don’t know what I was doing there, stacking boxes on a shelf. What I’m saying is I’ve had steady dreams without the craziness ramped up to 11. Therefore, Inception’s ‘real’ dream settings don’t bother me at all.

    Anyhoo, maybe what they should’ve done in Inception is throw in a few odd characters/events in the background, just brief, random moments to suggest the dream wall they’ve constructed loses a brick now and again – and you see a frog wearing a gas mask or something, blink and you miss it, but notice it on second viewing.

    Annoyingly, I got the R1 DVD of Dreamscape coz I saw it contained DTS audio and a commentary track. When I watched it however, I noticed the more sensual passages of the movie had been trimmed down. Boo! Bunch of prudes…
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  10. James Ewing says:

    I like the ideas and concepts behind this film and I love how the imagination is allowed to run free throughout the film, but I think it hasn’t dated well. The effects just aren’t as convincing and it makes a lot of scenes that should be effective and makes them corny.

    In any case, I’m glad it exists and I like what it does with the dream space more than what Inception did with it even if Inception is the better film.
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