4 Responses to “The Overlooked: Outlander (2008)”

  1. The fact that Jim Caviezel doesn’t get more work is a goddamn travesty; that man can ACT. Hell, he even made his small role in The Final Cut matter by virtue of his talent (and beard) alone.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Outlander, and at some point, I want to take the plunge.

    • Marc says:

      Right there with you on The Final Cut. Haven’t found many people who’ve seen it let alone know what it is. I guess that brings my lifetime head count to 3. Welcome to the club Dan:P

      Like most this didn’t look appealing but I think now I’ll take a chance on it. Thanks for the heads up Bartleby.

  2. Karl says:

    I found this as a trailer on one of the Netflix movies I rented and immediatley added it to my que. Totally bad ass, great effects, looks like the budget was great, not sure why they didnt promote it that much…maybe because The Dark Knight already was killing the box office

  3. Nick says:

    Outlander was a fantastic movie. I thought the whole cast did a great job, including John Hurt (the King), Sophia Myles (the viking princess), and Ron Perlman, who did a great job playing a really mad viking bent on revenge.

    I really thought that Jim Caviezel did an amazing job, like he has throughout his whole career (including the Final Cut, a great Robin Williams movie that im happy to see posters here are familiar with. Jim had a great villainous role in that). Jim is such a great actor. i think he is still on the receiving end of alot of bad blood in Hollywood because he played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ.

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