3 Responses to “Review: Battle: Los Angeles (2011)”

  1. Marc says:

    Excellent review, and I agree with all of your critiques. Your comparison to Black Hawk Down is spot on, and it’s too bad they were not closer in tone. When BHD succeeds so well is in NOT showing us the extraneous relationships of the soldiers, their wives, loved ones, etc.

    It is very easy to identify with a soldiers simple desire to do his job well and live to brag about it. The fear of death is so universal that a movie likes this wastes precious time trying to give the audience extra and unnecessary emotional points to identify with. Those character backgrounds are not the biggest problem I had with the film though, for me there was just too much bad dialog.

    At points where simply the impressive direction and quality effects could have easily compelled the audience to stay engaged with the characters, someone will have to say ‘I can’t believe that worked!’ or ‘They’re falling like bowling pins!’ Sadly, a lot of this comes from Michele Rodriguez, and really cheapens what is a good performance from her.

    I can see your point on how the movie was 20 or so minutes too long, but I found the ‘extra’ act a welcome encore to where the natural story beat would have ended.

    I’d give this 3.5 of 4, and definitely recommend it be seen and heard on a big screen.


  2. FRC Ruben says:

    I’m so happy to hear someone say that this is not a complete waste of time. To hear most talk about it, it’s like someone lumper Battlefield: Earth into a closet with 2012 and told them to foot-bind the baby and have it dance in the middle of Madison SQuare Garden with a live feed broadcast to the world.
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  3. Rodney says:

    Had this been a straight solder vs aliens feature, instead of shoehorning in a bunch of useless civillian characters, the focus of this film could have been more on the action and tension of survival than the often wishy-washy patriotic “everybody’s a soldier… on the inside” waffle we’re given by way of character development.

    Effects are awesome, sound is awesome, but the characters are wafer thin (to quote John Cleese)and the lack of emotional depth means Battle: LA limps along instead of striding like the soldier warrior it so desperately wanted to be.

    Looking forward to this on BluRay!!