2 Responses to “Coming Soon: District 9”

  1. hagiblog says:

    The trailer looked crazy but the premise of the flick sounds like something different in a way. I’m totally up for seeing this one but I dislike the sting of what almost seems like false advertising. For a moment I thought it was a Peter Jackson flick, which many people probably will, and I’m sure his name is front and centre to draw the crowds in. This always bothers me. A great movie should sell itself and I still fall into the word of mouth category, if a friend sees something and thinks it was great I’m inclined to check it out.

    Of course I was just commenting to Cello earlier today that if someone hates something I may be even more inclined to see it! HAHA! I’m still looking forward to this one as it seems like a slightly different take than what I’m used to.

  2. me says:

    this looks like a good one