5 Responses to “Monster Madness: Creature #5”

  1. moviefan101 says:

    This is a great choice. Even as scary monsters these creatures are both likable. Jurassic Park is timeless. Is a fourth installment a true rumor?

  2. Daniel says:

    YAY !!! I still have my original “Velociraptor” figurines ! I saw the original
    “Jurassic Park” with my grandfather in the theaters. We thought he was going to
    have a heart attack (he was screaming half the time) but he LOVED the film !!!

  3. Heather says:

    I agree Daniel. I think both these movie monsters have more character then most live action stars!

    I saw it in the theatre three times when it was released. It was pretty damn scary. Your poor grandfather! hahahaha.

  4. Andrew Ghimpeteanu says:


  5. Glenn Bruce says:

    This movie was a wake-up call for me as far as special FX go. I was thoroughly impressed with the authenticity of the T-REX full sized puppet when the T-REX bumped the jeep as it was chasing Jeff Goldblum. The sound of the roar was awesome, not the standard “Godzilla” type sound fx. Damn I’m going to miss Stan Winston, one of the best Special FX guys ever in the business.

    The personality of the Velociraptors was awesome as well. This movie was a feat in its own right.