10 Responses to “Review: Tokyo Gore Police (2008)”

  1. Loved, loved, loved this flick! Have you ever checked out Machine Girl or Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl? The filmmakers involved in this one have their hands in those as well and they’re equally as entertaining, although I still think this one is on the top of the heap in terms of ridiculous violence.

    • This is my first foray into this type of Japanese cinema, spurred by “HOLY MOTHER JUGS AND SPEED” reviews from my friends. I will be checking out the rest, no doubt about it.

      • I love this genre of over the top, blood squirting nonsense. I haven’t seen Holy Mother Jugs and Speed, I’m gonna have to look that one up.

        • Holy Mother Jugs and Speed is an exclamation, not a movie haha, I was just trying to capture their amazement without cursing. I failed!

          • HAHAHA! Actually Mother, Jugs and Speed is a movie, not this type of movie but a movie anyway. The name sounded so familiar that I figured you were referencing a flick and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of Mother, Jugs and Speed!

  2. I saw Machine Girl a while back and still have this in my ‘to watch’ pile. I really hope this is better, will skip it up the que. My ‘shopping list’ from Machine Girl was:

    shot in the eye,
    face shot to bits,
    hand hacked off,
    exploding head (2),
    maid murder,
    extreme bullying,
    tempura arm,
    brains facial,
    intestine facial,
    blood facial showers (gave up counting – ?),
    cook brutality,
    forced cannibalism,
    ninja stars (?),
    fingers sliced,
    amputation (2),
    urban ninjas (3),
    blood drinking,
    nails in the face,
    fountains of blood (?),
    chainsaw deaths (?),
    bucket of death (2),
    limb fighting,
    an unforgettable boob job and many an OTT gory death.

    To lighten he mood they also chucked in some… swordfights, cleavage, ghosts, questionable first aid, midriff, sexy lingerie, a drill bra, pant wetting, death by strobes, Japanese schoolgirls and a MILF.

    • Now THAT sounds like a party. Machine Girl is next on my list of “crazy stuff from Japan that makes me never want to go there ever”.

  3. Japan Cinema says:

    Dont forget Samurai Princess and Kamikaze Girls!

  4. CMrok93 says:

    With my friends one night, we were bored as ish, and then we just found this On Demand. And we just could not turn this off. Crazy Stuff!

    • Heather says:

      This is one that’s been on my top of need to sees for awhile. Listening to you and everyone else, and especially Jonathan’s review after not being an avid watcher of this genre, I gotta get on it!