2 Responses to “Dan In Real Life (2007)”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I disagree with your take on this movie. My kids loved this movie, in fact, it is one of the few movies we went to see over and over again. It was a truly wonderful “feel good” movie that left out the smut that often leaves my kids at home. Maybe you don’t have kids, but anyone who does have kids near the ages of the kids in this movie can relate to the ungrateful generation that we are now raising, and that makes it all the funnier. This was the first time I really liked Steve Carroll because he showed me he could be funny without usiing scummy stand-up comedian-style humor.

    I think enjoying this movie has alot to do with where you are in your life. Without knowing you, it sounds like we are in different places, but I will tell you that it was undoubtedly our favorite movie of the year and one that we now own.

  2. Heather says:


    I didn’t have a problem with Dan In Real Lifes conception. I actually had looked forward to a viewing of it based on it’s conceptual ideas, where it failed for me was the execution. The script was dry, no chemistry between character’s, and it seemed their was a serious issue with editing. The areas of the film that took to you could have worked in a funny sentimental way in my opinion if they were done better. I felt like they weren’t. I’m married with two kids, so my dislike of this film obviously has nothing to do with any of the reasons you surmised I didn’t enjoy it. I’m glad you did, but I stand by my thoughts and think most of the public will probably fall into my category rather than yours.

    Thanks for your thoughts!