3 Responses to “The Mist (2007)”

  1. hagiblog says:

    Browsing through some of your old reviews and I just can’t help myself when it comes to this one. I loved this movie, until the ending. The ending was the most terrible piece of film I’ve ever had to sit through.I figure by now that anyone who wants to has seen it but if they haven’t


    What Thomas Jane does in the final scene isn’t the bad part, the part that drives me nuts is that literally 10 seconds after he’s done, all the mist clears away and the truck drives by him. I got the uncomfortable feeling that everyone on that truck was just looking at him and saying ‘If you just had more faith son, you’d all be okay’. I would much rather had him walk into the mist and when you couldn’t see him anymore the camera turns to show that the mist is slowly parting. Pretty much the same ending told a different way that would have left me much more satisfied.


    HAHA Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This is just one of those movies I can’t keep quiet about. In terms of film in general, I think this one hit the mark with me and really made me feel something, even if what I felt was a terrible taste in my mouth.

  2. Heather says:

    Actually, after a few viewings I ran into other problems with this movie as well. The ending was not Stephen King’s intended ending either, it was all Frank’s idea to do that. I think it was a really great movie in general and still stand by my initial viewing but I also understand why many people had issues with it as well.

  3. hagiblog says:

    Wow yeah, I was checking out the actual novella and the ending there seems much more satisfying to me. It’s much more open to interpretation. Funny how I would normally approve of a grim ending instead of the usual ‘good triumphs’ ending, yet was completely put off by this ending. I guess they usually say the book is better!

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