5 Responses to “The Lake House (2006)”

  1. Cello says:

    Interesting how if you remember my review the things you hated about the film i merely brushed off as a minor annoyance. This is an example of how great and diverse movie critics (amateur ones at least, like us) can be. I’m glad you attempted to watch it with an open mind at the very least. I’m anticipating your tim burton reviews later on in the week :)

  2. Anakin McFly says:

    Half a star? I’m betting you’ve never attempted to watch The Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Then again I’m a sucker for anything to do with time travel, and the thing I liked most about The Lake House was how it utilised the same three-timelines-masquerading-as-two time travel model as Frequency, though to less impressive effect. It’s not about the love story. It’s about the awesome time travel model and the mailbox that made it possible. srsly who doesn’t want one of those? It’s a mailbox that’s a portal into the space-time continuum. Right outside your house. dude.

    Script writer David Auburn is a Pulitzer winner, and having read a 2003 draft of the script, I thought that it was better than the final film in some ways. It’s one of those things that work better in text than on screen. Plus he’s a Back to the Future fan, which is always good by me, though one of his BTTF references got cut from the film.

    And the bus was in there way before Reeves and Bullock were casted (both of whom I like and in no way find annoying), so that’s not their fault… When it was brought up in an interview, they claimed that they hadn’t noticed the Speed connection.

    And come on, that house was awesome.

    To end off, I present you with these comic strips to either ease your pain or worsen it:


    - Anakin McFly
    Keanu SWAT Team

    • Heather says:

      Hahahahaha. Thanks Anakin.

      I think I was just so annoyed by the movie because I felt like it had the potential to be something more. The concept of the mailbox was really innovative, and mixing the love story into it wasn’t a problem for me. One of my favorite science fiction films IS a love story that has very little obvious science and that’s Happy Accidents with Marisa Tomei and Vincent D’Onofrio.

      The casting of Bullock and Reeves just felt like a cheap attempt to get viewers and a lot of the story felt that way as well. In the right role I really like Keanu, and sometimes I don’t even want to punch Bullock, but this was not the case. And the bus? Well now it’s just funny, coincidence or not.

      However, you were off the mark on one point by a landslide. Star Wars is the closest thing I have to religion in my homestead. :)

  3. CMrok93 says:

    The time travel aspects do add some curiosity but the sappy aspects are likely to leave the non-romance lovers among you luke warm at best

  4. graciana says:

    Your review was from the cynics point of view, stick to reviewing horror.